E-Z Body® Products          "Fly Tying's #1 tubing material"

Retailer Links

Here you will find a partial list of retailers where you can find E-Z Body Products

The Avid Angler                                             http://www.avidangler.com/

The Bears Den                                              http://www.bearsden.com/

BuzFly Products                                            http://www.buzfly.com/

The Salt Water Edge                                     http://www.edgeangling.com/

Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop                          http://eldredgeflyshop.com/

Goose Hummock                                           http://www.goose.com/

Natick Outdoor Store                                     http://www.natickoutdoor.com/

North Cove Outfitters                                     http://www.northcove.com/

Ramsey Outdoor Store                                  http://www.ramseyoutdoor.com/index.aspx

River & Riptide Anglers                                  http://www.riverandriptide.com/

River's End Tackle                                         http://www.riversendtackle.com/

Salt Water Flies                                              http://www.saltwaterflies.com/

Stone River Outfitters                                     http://www.stoneriveroutfitters.com/

Tight Lines Fly Fishing                                   http://tightlinesflyfishing.com/flyshop.htm

Whitewater Flies                                             http://www.whitewaterflies.com/


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