E-Z Body® Products          "Fly Tying's #1 tubing material"
About Us
                                                    Here at E-Z BODY Products, we are the largest producer of 
                                              tubing's designed specifically for fly tying applications. 

                                         E-Z BODY Products have been the leader in fly tying tubing's 
                                           since 1989 and continue to set the standard by which other 
                                                tubing's are judged. E-Z BODY has since become the 
                                                                #1 choice of fly tyers world wide.

Contemporary fly designers from around the globe use our 
                                                         products to help them create many of today's 
                                                             most effective and popular fly patterns.

                                   We manufacture tubing's in a wide size and color range for both retail 
                                    and wholesale clients. We can also manufacture just about any color, 
                                               size or weave combination your product may require. 

                                           We produce both Pre-Packaged retail units for Retail Fly Shops
                                                        and Bulk Quantities
 for Fly Manufacturers and 
                                                                  Wholesale Distributors world wide.


                                           Our experienced engineering team and high quality control 
                                            standards ensure that your tubing designs will be made to 
                                                                    your exacting specifications.

                        Please feel free to contact us for help in designing a tubing for your unique needs.  


                                                                        All E-Z BODY Products are Made in the U.S.A.


                                                           Our goal here at  www.e-zbody.com is to help you become a

                                                       better fly tyer and to give E-Z BODY users a forum in which they

                                                          can find new ideas. We encourage E-Z BODY users to submit

                                                                                      fly patterns for use on this web site.


                                                       Feel free to contact us if you require further product information

                                                                                   or would like to contribute to this site.


                                                                         Thank you for stopping by www.E-ZBODY.com

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